Tuesday, 10 January 2012


We now have a map! Take a look here. It is obviously not full, but hopefully we'll fill it up soon and get suggestions as to what we can add to it, and what we should review next.

Your friendly customer reviews staff,

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Coffee H@ME Internet

I got lost yesterday trying to find my way to a friend's house is Leith. I don't yet live in the world of cyborg technology; following the extended mind theories of Edinburgh's own Andy Clark, what I mean by this is that I don't have a smartphone. Some of the time I have my laptop - yesterday, alas, I didn't.

After wandering around looking through closed windows on a bank holiday, I stumbled upon Coffee H@ME Internet, a snug little internet cafe on Leith Walk. They have computer's lining the wall, which makes it seem like your standard pay-and-get-out café - but the staff was incredibly helpful, the price for internet is cheap, and it's clear that they actually serve good coffee, and have a lot of options. They even have tables without computers, so you can bring your own. I might very well go there again if I can't find the Castle.

Verdict? Good.

PS. In case you're wondering, I've moved away from Edinburgh, and Simon is moving too. Chris is still around, and we'll blog when we're back in this home city of ours, however. Also, we're always looking for other staff. Pay? None. Hours? Non-existant. Satisfaction? Well, I guess that depends.