Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A new addition to the every-growing cafe scene in Marchmont, Freeman's is nothing special to look at but is certainly spacious.


Proudly announcing the sources of their products, "The only supplier of Monmouth Coffee in Edinburgh", "Pastries & Bread from Bakery Andante, Morningside", "The Chocolate Tree hot chocolate", the effort seems to pay off as these things are better than in many nearby venues.

Decent Wifi but rather lacking in available sockets. The seating is variable, from tiny chairs to huge sofas; the tables seem to be filled mostly with people playing card games rather than waving their Macbooks around - which is a nice change. The clientele are, however, exactly what you would expect from a Marchmont cafe and as such tend to hang out for hours talking loudly amongst themselves. Not ideal for getting work done unless you are armed with good headphones.

Not a bad place, open late (looked like it was until at least 8pm, possibly 9) but a bit out of the way unless you live locally.

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