Monday, 24 January 2011

Black Medicine - Bruntsfield

This place is chill. It's smaller than the normal ones, which are bit crowded at times. The window seat is perfect - great view of the links and the best street-gazing of any café I currently am aware of, after perhaps the Elephant House. The mochas is awesome. The wireless is free and has never failed me. It's open until six every day.

Black Medicine (Barclay Terrace)

I also like the staff. Well, I would, as one of them is one of my good friends, and often has company, who I also know. So. Yes. Biased much?

But no, really, this place is great. The music is also good.

If you were to come, I would suggest walking over in December at around 3 when the light is failing. It's beautiful walking across the golf course at that time.

Black Medicine

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