Saturday, 15 January 2011

Olly Bongos

Today was the first time I've actually successfully remembered Olly Bongos name (hold on, is there an apostrophe in there?). The name is printed so teeny on front, I think most people are under the impression that it's called "Cafe Bistro". Or maybe it's Cafe Bristo? That would be clever.

Anyway, I walked in, and one of the waiters helped me find a table with plugs, and I ordered some hot chocolate - cause lets be honest coffee tastes like ass - and a delicious apple pie. There wasn't much hot chocolate, and I don't really remember it tasting great, but the price was decent, and their Internet worked. It's also possible to access both the Uni's central and central-wpa wifi, so that's another bonus. The chairs were too high for the table though, so I spent most of my time hunched over, which got to hurting my back pretty quick.

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