Sunday, 16 January 2011

Olly Bongo's (v.2)

Not, in fact, the Bongo Club.

I went here the other day. My esteemed colleague has already given his opinion. Let's be brutally honest with you: we're not here to review cafés. We don't really care, most of the time, about the wallpaper or the taste of the caramel macciato. We're here to review our experience of cafés. Which means how we, as students, broke, poor, informatic students, feel about a place.

Olly Bongos? I like it. It's damn close to the university. 1 point. It's got not one, but two really nice window seats. 2. They have plugs. 3. There is wireless in the form of edinburgh uni wireless. (I'm not sure about in-house; ask if you want to know.) 4. They have really, really good tea. I haven't tried the coffee yet - rest assured, I will. 5.

I can't really think of any drawbacks. My voice resonates: I think the person next to me got annoyed by that. But that's not the establishment's fault. The table is a bit too low, and you have to bend your neck a bit. Again, not really that much of an issue.

Verdict? Win.

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