Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Black Medicine on Nicolson St.

We have the same coat, too.

Black Medicine is the first place I bought a panini in Edinburgh, so you would think it has some sort of emotional significance. Not so.

I don't 100% get it. The food is delicious, maybe a bit overpriced. The staff are friendly and obviously get on with most of the customers. There are plugs at the window seat (what better way to procrastinate than people watching), and there's nearly always space. It's bam in the middle of everything, yet it's barely ever packed. All of this sounds ideal except... why do they have the most uncomfortable seats in all of Edinburgh? I guess there is some aesthetic value to them, but seriously. There are reasons humanity as a species has moved on from wooden blocks as chairs.


The Internet was also kind of spotty, with major upload problems, but this is probably because it's completely open and everyone within a 50 meter vicinity uses it - even the people in nearby cafes (say, Spoon) who's own wifi is dodgy.

So Black Medicine: noble, but a bit silly.

Juggling barrista

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